Spring 2022 Sermon Series

Scripture makes it clear that life is about relationships. Life is best lived when we maintain loving relationships with God, with others, and with ourselves.
In this sermon series, we will seek to learn, from God's Word, how to enjoy healthy, loving relationships. We will start with what it means to love God wholeheartedly. Then we will explore our relationships with others - our friends, our parents, our children,  our spouses. In the concluding lesson we'll consider how to love ourselves in appropriate ways. 
Like students in an entry level class, we will discover the basic ingredients of godly relationships and be given a foundation to build upon as we seek to live a life of love for God, others, and ourselves.  

Week 1: God

Did you know that God wants to be your Friend? (in addition to being your Father, Lord, etc.) The work of Jesus on the cross makes friendship with God possible, so how do we develop a loving relationship with God as His friends? Jesus gives us the answer…

Pastor Craig's notes from this sermon

Week 2: Friends

You will never make it through this life without friends you can count on. What is the current state of your friendships? Did you know there are things you can do to become a better friend?

Pastor Terry's notes from this sermon

Week 3: Parents

In his letter to the Ephesians, the apostle Paul gives a lot of guidance on relationships with others. We can apply some of his general relationship principles to our relationships with our parents...

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Week 4: Children

Those of us who are parents have a special responsibility, but all of us have been given the task to teach and relate to the next generation in such a way that we bear witness to our Heavenly Father. Pastor Craig's wife Lee shares ways we can honor our relationship with God in the way we relate to children...

Lee Carter's notes from this sermon

Week 5: Spouse

The way a husband and wife are to relate to one another is by following Christ’s example of how He relates to His followers. Therefore, it's impossible to fully understand marriage apart from the Christian faith. In this message, Pastor Craig Carter and his wife Lee share some gifts of marital advice based upon their 40 years of marriage....

Craig and Lee's notes from this sermon

Week 6: Yourself

In the Great Commandment, in addition to instructing us to love God and others, the Lord shows us it is okay to love ourselves. The Great Commandment is really three commandments in one. And it's not a hierarchy (1-2-3) as they are mutually supportive. Love of God helps us love others and love ourselves. Unless we love ourselves, can we really love God and others?

Pastor Craig's notes from this sermon