Fall 2019 Sermon Series

Life for most of us is pretty good, would you agree? And while good is certainly all right, if given a choice, we’d all agree that great is better than good. Mediocrity is almost no one’s ambition.

But there is one area in life where that is not the case. Ask believers if they want to be great Christians and many seem reluctant to answer the question affirmatively. Most are afraid such an ambition would be presumptuous or seem arrogant.

Yet what is the alternative? Should we aspire to be average Christians? Is good enough really good enough when it comes to following Christ? Not according to Jesus. According to God the Son, just OK is not OK when it comes to living the Christian life.

On this page we'll share sermon notes, videos, discussion questions and more in the hopes of inspiring all who follow Christ to be not just good, but great... in God's eyes. 

This series was inspired by two popular books: Good to Great by Jim Collins and Good to Great in God’s Eyes by Chip Ingram


Week 1: Introduction 

Without question, as God’s people, created in the Lord’s image and made by His Spirit to be like Christ, we are destined for greatness. Through service offered to the Lord and His people, we are made to become great – in God’s eyes, if not in the world’s. 

Pastor Craig's notes from this sermon

Week 1 Discussion Guide

Week 2: Think Great Thoughts

Last week we introduced the subject of becoming a great church made up of great Christians. We discussed that the primary reason for wanting to become great in God’s eyes is so we can bring glory to Him and accomplish the work He has given us to do. 

So where do we begin in this journey toward greatness? With our thinking. 

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Week 2 Discussion Guide

Week 3: Dream Great Dreams

We’ve learned that great Christians think great thoughts. Now it’s time to explore how to turn those great thoughts into action. The next step in the process is to dream great dreams.

Great Christians dream great dreams and have high ambitions.

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Week 3 Discussion Guide

Dream Great Dreams - Personal Application Worksheet

Week 4: Pursue Great People

God truly cares about the company we keep, but we don’t just come into this world knowing what to do. Someone has to show us the right way to do things.

If you want to be truly great, you have to pursue great people. Seek out people who trying to be all they can be in God’s eyes. Great Christians pursue great people.

Pastor Terry's Notes from this Sermon  

Week 5: Enjoy Great Moments

Did you know that being happy and enjoying life are gifts from God? After all, the Lord made everything that exists – for His pleasure and for ours.

In order to become great in God’s eyes, there is a time for tremendous sacrifice, deep commitment, and intense discipline, but there is also a time to enjoy great moments and experience the fullness of life.

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Week 5 Discussion Guide

Week 6: Pray Great Prayers

When we think of individuals we consider to be great men and women of the faith, one characteristic seems to stand out – they are persons of prayer.
All Christians pray. But great Christians pray great prayers.

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Week 6 Discussion Guide

Week 7: Leave a Great Legacy

Part of the greatness God has in mind for us is the legacy we – as individuals and as a congregation – will leave for future generations.
God wants us to be intentional about our legacy. He wants our legacy to be a great legacy because, ultimately, our legacy will bring honor and glory to His name.

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Week 7 Discussion Guide

Week 8: Take Great Risks

Unless we’re living by faith and taking great risks, our lives will not be very pleasing to the Lord and, as a result, we will forfeit God’s blessings and rewards.

Great Christians reap great rewards because they are willing to take great risks. 
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Week 8 Discussion Guide

Week 9: Make Great Sacrifices

Sacrifice has been a part of the lives of God’s people since the beginning of Creation. 
But it’s not enough to offer the Lord the fruit of our labors as the Israelites were required to do with their livestock and produce. No. God wants us!

It’s as though we climb on the altar ourselves and offer all that we are and all that we have up to Him. That’s how we ultimately worship God – with our very lives.
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Week 9 Discussion Guide

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Week 10: Give Great Thanks

To close this series, Pastor Rudy Olivo explores the Apostle Paul’s first letter to the Thessalonians which challenges the American world view that great thanks happens only when others serve us, when little is expected of us, and when we consume until we pop. This message explores Paul’s letter as a guide to the only way to true great thanks, which is by way of right relationship with others, with circumstance, with the spiritual realm, and with God. 

Pastor Rudy's Notes from this Sermon