A Winning Battle Plan

Pastor Craig Carter In our current sermon series — reading through the Old Testament books of Joshua and Judges — we have learned some important life lessons on courage, leadership, and faith from characters like Joshua and Caleb.  More than anything the book of Joshua reads like a history book as it describes the Israelites’ invasion and occupation of the Promised Land of Canaan. It chronicles three separate military campaigns that include thirteen battles through which 31 cities are conquered.  Of course, the most famous of those was the battle of Jericho. You’d be hard pressed to find anyone who …

Holy Week Communion and Prayer Service


Please join Lynn Haven UMC on Wednesday, 31 at 6:15 pm for our Holy Week Communion and Prayer Service. This event will take place in the Community Room, in lieu of our regularly scheduled Wednesday Bible Study. This event will be a devoted time of prayer, quiet reflection and the celebration of Holy Communion. All are welcome to step forward, by the leading of the Holy Spirit, to share and receive prayer during this service.   Photo by James Coleman on Unsplash

Develop Great Habits

Pastor Craig Carter How many of you have made a resolution to get in better physical condition this year? How many of you have already broken that resolution? How many of you have given up on the idea long ago and resigned yourself to being flabby and out of shape? I must confess I probably haven’t been in this poor of physical shape since I was about six months old – when I could barely crawl…and I’m not far away from that now! It’s not that I don’t believe it’s beneficial and it’s not that I don’t desire to be. …