Back to the Basics

Pastor Craig Carter By definition, for a comeback to occur, some adverse circumstances must be experienced. It may be an athlete that suffers a career-threatening injury, a business that faces financial ruin, or a church like ours that loses its facilities in a Cat-5 hurricane. In each instance, a setback occurs that prevents the person or organization from operating at their peak level or the ways in which they are accustomed.  In other words, they are knocked down a notch or two and may even suffer the loss of all that they had accomplished previously. And for a comeback story …

Holy Week Communion and Prayer Service


Please join Lynn Haven UMC on Wednesday, 31 at 6:15 pm for our Holy Week Communion and Prayer Service. This event will take place in the Community Room, in lieu of our regularly scheduled Wednesday Bible Study. This event will be a devoted time of prayer, quiet reflection and the celebration of Holy Communion. All are welcome to step forward, by the leading of the Holy Spirit, to share and receive prayer during this service.   Photo by James Coleman on Unsplash