Adult Ministries

Get Connected through Small Groups and Bible Study

The church is more than a building.

Since Hurricane Michael we have said many times, "The Church is more than a building." It's a true statement for our church, even now that one of our church campuses has been rebuilt after the storm. We are now able to worship together in a building of our own, but the connections we make and keep beyond our time together on Sundays is still critically important.

God never intended us to live the Christian life in isolation, but in the company of others. It’s why Jesus surrounded Himself with twelve men and taught them how to live in community. From other believers, we gain strength, support, stamina, and staying power. 


Joining a Small Group, participating in a Bible Reading plan and participating in church activities such as prayer meetings, service projects and fellowship events are just some of the ways we encourage our adult members to plug in and grow in their faith.

If you have questions about current Bible studies, groups and classes, please contact Mindy Clemons, Groups Minister. For information on our missions and service programs, please contact Terry Tatum, Discipleship Pastor and Director of Outreach.


Prayer changes everything. Take a step today and ask God to step into your situation. Submit a prayer request below and our Prayer Team will be notified and begin praying for you. 

Give Prayer a Try:

Expect big things from God! Let's pray and see what happens.

No prayer is too big or too small. Struggling with finances? Health? Addiction? Family? Nothing is off limits.

God loves to reveal himself to us when we pray. Even if you aren’t sure what you believe, let’s pray and see what happens.