CityServe Registration

May 9, 2020

CityServe Projects

Updated: March 10, 2020

  1. Southport Elementary School - Kids/Adults. Ages 7 and up. Volunteers will clean up flower beds. 

  2. Southport Elementary School - Adults Only. Ages 18 and up. Volunteers will paint the sunblinds in cafeteria and 4th grade hallway. 

  3. Nursing Home Card Making. All ages. Volunteers will create and deliver cards to nursing home residents. 

  4. Hardly Able. Ages 14 and up. Volunteers will help construct one or more wheelchair ramps for homebound residents. 

  5. Prayer Squares. Ages 12 and up. Volunteers will knit or croquet prayer squares and affix Bible verse and charm for community distribution.

  6. Mobile Food Pantry. Ages 6 and up. Volunteers will sort and distribute food boxes.