Bless People

Radical Hospitality isn’t just the responsibility of a few people; rather, it takes the entire body of Christ to reflect this kind of hospitality. Radical Hospitality encompasses many different aspects of church life.  Our lay ministers and Congregational Care Pastor visit with and minister to people who are sick, who are in the hospital or who are shut-ins.  We have meal ministries like the Labor of Love that deliver meals to new parents after the birth of a child; the Caring Committee that serves meals to family members following the death of a loved one, and Meals of Mercy that serves meals to those who are sick or overcoming surgeries and need assistance.  Radical Hospitality focuses on the needs of others and what we have to offer them as well as what they have to offer us.  It anticipates others’ needs and looks at things from a point of view that may be very different than their own.

Radical Hospitality seeks to follow-up with newcomers and to connect them to the church and the body of Christ.  At our worship services and special events, our servants are guest-focused and seek to create a friendly atmosphere.  However, Radical Hospitality goes beyond being friendly and courteous; it surprises newcomers with a glimpse of the undeserved gracious love of God that we see in Christ.

At the foundation of Radical Hospitality is prayer.  Prayer is thread that connects our desires with God’s will for our lives.  At Lynn Haven UMC, we have a prayer team that is committed to praying for the needs of others during the week.  We have a prayer vigil each Sunday during worship services where each person on the church campus is being lifted up.  We have a team who sends cards, makes phone calls, or sends emails to people in need of prayer or encouragement.

“Radical Hospitality stretches and challenges us, pulls out our best efforts, and forces us to take risks.  People offer themselves to Christ by offering Christ to others.” (Five Practices of Fruitful Congregations by Robert Schnase)